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Shipping containers are pretty darn inexpensive. They're everywhere, and they have a pretty usable amount of space that they make available as well, so they're sort of like building blocks for homes and other buildings that you may have to construct. Because they're so cheap and they're made of metal, they're naturally reflective of most of the heat that the summer sun would pound into regular buildings and houses through the typically black shingled roof of those buildings. So shipping containers have relatively good insulation already built into them and ready to go. But there are many benefits to building with one or many shipping containers beyond that. But strangely, you don't see every house on the block being constructed out of shipping containers. Why not though? It's like building your house out of gigantic Lego pieces! Why hasn't anyone thought of building with these things before!? Why isn't building with shipping containers all the rage? Download your E book "Shipping Container Homes.50 Ideas

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    23 March 2016

    Hi Tom Р interesting question and I don't know of any. If any one knows of one, please do share!

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    More on the official website:

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      I'm thinking of diving in to create on SS myself. I'm a tech-idiot.

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      Thanks so much for your kind comments and welcome to my website! ????

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    It looks like a helpful read. Nice work Russell et al..


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