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  • Format Name: The Last Wilderness (Seekers
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  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
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  • ISBN: 0060871334
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Is this the journey's end . . . or just the beginning?Grizzly bear Toklo, polar bear Kallik, black bear Lusa, and their shape-shifting guide Ujurak have finally reached the Last Great Wilderness, the legendary place they've been searching for. But is this really where they're meant to be? One by one the bears begin to grow apart: Toklo feels the urge to hunt and mark his territory, while Kallik feels the pull of the ice within her. Only Lusa fears the day when her friends will leave her to follow their own paths. When disaster strikes, the bears are forced to leave the sanctuary and enter flat-face territory--or risk losing one of their own. Now their journey's end seems farther away than ever, as a new path spreads out before them.

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