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"Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity, Third Edition" traces Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity from their roots in early Christian churches to the way these religions are observed today. Recounted here is the historical passage of the Catholic and Orthodox faiths, from the original teachings of Jesus Christ to the early separation of the Eastern and Western Churches to recent attempts at reconciliation. The central doctrines of Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity are explored as background to such current issues as the child abuse scandals of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States and the many tensions over abortion and gay marriage that exist in American society. The philosophy of Pope Benedict XVI, ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, and the role of lay communities are also highlighted. Coverage includes: the origins, history, beliefs, and practices of Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity Doctrinal disagreements between the Catholic and Orthodox Christian churches and the dialogue between the two churches- Catholic and Orthodox communities in the United States- challenges facing Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity, including ecumenism and interreligious dialogue- lay movements- poverty and social activism- issues surrounding the churches' views on homosexuality and abortion- the declining number of priests- and abuse scandals- and Pope Benedict XVI.

About Khaled Anatolios

Khaled Anatolios is associate professor of historic and systematic theology at the Weston Jesuit School of Theology and a specialist in Greek patristic theology. Stephen F. Brown is chairperson of the theology department at Boston College. He has edited several volumes on medieval philosophy and theology, including Philosophical Writings by William of Ockham and On Faith and Reason by St. Thomas Aquinas.


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