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  • Format Name: Batman, Volume 7 : Endgame
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  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Data Published: March 2016
  • ISBN: 9781401261160
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  • File Size: 15MB
  • Language: English
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For years, the Joker has regarded Batman with a sick, twisted love, thinking that one could never exist without the other. But that's all changed. Now the Clown Prince of Crime is done playing.

He's going to kill Batman. And he's going to do it using those who Batman loves the most: the Justice League.

The Joker returns to Gotham City with a deadlier agenda than ever before, using every tool at his disposal to finally kill the Dark Knight. That includes turning Batman's allies against him in the bloodiest brawl that he's ever had to survive.


Batman Vol. 7: Endgame" is the biggest, boldest story that the #1 "New York Times "best-selling creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have told to date. With an ending you won't believe, this graphic novel is a classic in the making.

Collects "Batman" #35-40.

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