Calendar Girl : Volume One PDF ePub eBook

  • Format Name: Calendar Girl : Volume One
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Waterhouse Press
  • Data Published: October 2015
  • ISBN: 9781943893034
  • EAN:
  • Format eBook: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • File Size: 47MB
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 368 pages
  • Age+:
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Mia Saunders needs money. A lot of money. She has one year to pay off the loan shark who has threatened her father s life and is coming after his unpaid gambling debts. One million dollars to be exact.

Her mission is simple serve as a high-priced escort for her aunt s Los Angeles-based company and pay monthly against the debt. Spend a month with a rich man whom she doesn t have to sleep with if she doesn t want to? Easy money.

Unlucky in love with a spirit that never gives up, this curvy motorcycle-riding vixen plans to get in, make her money, and get out. Part of that goal is keeping her heart locked up tight and her eye on the prize.

At least that s the way it s supposed to go "

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