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  • Format Name: The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child
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  • Publisher: Yale University Press
  • Data Published: 31 May 2012
  • ISBN: 0300165447
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The latest volume in the esteemed series features sections on discontinuities and continuities in development, highlighting transformational and nonlinear processes- clinical contributions on developing emotional resilience in children and parents, the role of interpretation in child analysis, and conjoint treatment models with children with attachment disturbances- developmental perspectives on conscience development in young children and the assessment of older adults- and psychoanalytic perspectives on artistic creativity, as illustrated in the treatment of a young artist and the work of Oskar Kokoschka. A final section, "Imagining the Unimaginable," includes psychoanalytic reflections on September 11th and the controversial question of death's psychic representability.

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    6 May 2016

    As i watched the series first it didnt feel to lose anything but i must admit the filler episodes (Quentin in the asylum dream worldЙ.)that were no where in the books could have been replaced with some of the epic bits they left out. More on the south training camp etcЙ But hey it was still a very good season. Thanks to the makers for doing great on transferring it to the screen and helping me find it in the first place. Cant wait for Season two.

    3 July 2016

    I just bought an international edition for 3 classes. My Linear algebra book is identical save for the cover, but a book I need for computer organization and assembly language uses a different computer programming language than I need for class so that was a bummer. I havn't checked the third book yet but there is a pdf of it online anyways so I'm not too concerned.

      8 January 2016

      I completely agree with this.Not going to university was one of the best decisions I ever made.

      25 April 2016

      To be honest I haven't thoroughly tested this process, but I'd imagine that the URL structure will be a bit different. But it's okay as you can use 301 redirect so that search engines (such as Google) knows that the old page addresses are now permanently renamed into a set of new page addresses.

    19 June 2016

    My western frontier eBooks are way too long to be an audio book I am sure.


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