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  • Publisher: Heritage Schoolhouse Press
  • Data Published: 10 July 2010
  • ISBN: 9866483401
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  • Language: English
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Based on a little-known Mother Goose poem, this bilingual picture book tells the tale of a cat and a mouse who played happily together until the cat bit off the mouse's tail. Giving a new spin on the original, this version becomes a cumulative story that helps the mouse get his tail back. Told in both English and Chinese, and filled with exciting and vivid illustrations, it also includes an audio CD of the story.

About Dr Mike Lockett

Dr. Michael Lockett (Ed.D.) is an accomplished educator, international storyteller and children's author. He has given more than 3000 programs across the United States and as far away as Eastern Asia, including multiple tours of China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. Lockett is a regular presenter at schools, libraries, churches and festivals. He has been a featured author and featured speaker at education conferences across the USA and in China, South Korea and Taiwan. Mike Lockett is the author of eight children's books including this one, Mary Had a little Lamb. Two of his titles, Sky Food and Why Spiders Have Big Bottoms, were published by Santa Publishing in Taiwan in 2012 and released in the USA in 2013. Lockett published six titles through Brilliant International Group in Taiwan, including "The Magic eyes of Little Crab "(2010), "Monkey and Rabbit Together" (2010). The first four books of the B.I.G. titles included an Asian release of the books (2009) and a special American version of the books (2010). Those titles are "The Cat and the Mouse, Hickory Dickory Dock, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Teddy Bear." Dr. Lockett is scheduled to release "Humpty Dumpty and the Great Fall" along with "The Hungry Wolf" in 2013. Each of the ten books named is in English and Chinese. Each includes an audio CD of the story told in both languages. Lockett will begin releasing several of the titles in English and Spanish during 2013. Mike Lockett is the author of "The Basics of Storytelling" (2008) and a contributing author to "The Art of Storytelling" by John Walsh (2003). He has released four audio CDs for children and one Christian music and storytelling CD for adult listeners. He also has released one storytelling DVD. He has won 19 awards for his audio products and books as of the end of 2012. Mike works with his wife Becky to write articles for "Little DaVinci Magazine" in Taiwan. The magazine is for gifted youth. By the end of 2013, they will have completed 36 articles - each with audio recordings to facilitate learning English as a Foreign Language. He has done voiceovers and audio recordings for 12 Puffin - Easy-to-read Books in Taiwan and has written two dozen other articles for newspapers and periodicals. Lulu Yang is a professional illustrator from Taipei in Taiwan. She is best known for picture books featuring small detailed figures. She has illustrated two versions of the following four titles, a Taiwanese version in 2009 and an American version in 2010. The titles are "The Cat and the Mouse, Hickory Dickory Dock, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Teddy Bear." Yang is also the illustrator for "Bad Witch "(2009), " The Art of Salvage "(2008), " Color "(2008), " Parabiosis "(2009), " Yes or No "(2008) and "Seventeen" (2008), Much of Yang's work is done by scanning fabrics and using Photoshop to create her images.


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