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  • Data Published: 01 October 2009
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Egypt is an important political and cultural center for the entire Arab world. A key player in Middle Eastern politics, Egypt is often in the news. Features of the series include: main chapters that focus on geography, people and culture, history, government and economy, and nature- 'At a Glance' double spreads to present a maximum amount of information in a minimal amount of space, utilizing charts, tables, time lines, and other highly visual elements- and, full-page maps that highlight physical features, vegetation and ecosystems, history, population, and political organization. As a bonus, every photograph within each chapter is tied to a location on the main map for that chapter. The work features smaller maps that zoom in on special topics, such as migration, rainfall, changing borders, resources, industry, and other important themes. It includes special feature sidebars that introduce intriguing people, places, and events, and a glossary to aid in comprehension of unfamiliar terms. It presents an extensive bibliography that lists books, National Geographic articles, and Web sites.

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