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  • Publisher: Mila Publishing
  • Data Published: 28 June 2013
  • ISBN: 2970086506
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  • Number of Pages: 54 pages
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The beautifully illustrated books of Maks

About Merel Bakker

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    8 May 2016

    There is a lot of reading, which I initially tried to read off the computer screen. I have since printed off the articles, highlighted passages and written notes in the margin. I do have the technology to write sticky notes in the columns of PDFs and highlight text but I don't seem to retain the information in the same way. There's something about feeling the paper in hand and putting the geographical positioning of the passages into photographic memory that makes me connect better with the text than a screen scroll on a computer. This brings to question whether it's a digital native versus digital immigrant issue. I don't think that it is.

    3 June 2016

    Its indeed a delight to read the quote. Its truly inspiring and motivating. Thank you Robin

      3 March 2016

      I wished someone had done a comprehensive test on this too! But I think it is extremely challenging (if possible at all) to keep all the ranking variables constant to really compare apples to apples in a controlled setting.

      01 March 2016

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    7 July 2016

    Yes that's right. Exporting to WordPress is the only option here. The universal challenge with website builders is that websites that are built with their proprietary platforms are all different from one another. It's like switching a Ferrari shell and trying to put it on top of a Porsche frame (sorry, bad car analogy!)


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