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  • Format Name: Dissent into Treason
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  • Publisher: Brandon / Mount Eagle Publications Ltd
  • Data Published: 05 January 2011
  • ISBN: 0863224296
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  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 282 pages
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The fascinating untold story of the Cromwellian roots of Irish republicanism. Fergus Whelan reveals the hidden history of the Protestant dissenters whose Dublin congregations were established by officers of Cromwell's army and who went on to contribute their republican ideas to the revolutionary movement established in 1791, the United Irishmen. Based on the previously hidden records of the Dublin Unitarian Church about its links to the United Irishmen, the truth revealed in this unique book will give UK readers a truly new perspective.

About Fergus Whelan

Fergus Whelan has worked for thirty years in the trade union movement and has been an officer of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions since 1995.


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