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  • Format Name: The Celebrated Jumping Frog
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  • Publisher: Hairy Dog Books
  • Data Published: 03 July 2015
  • ISBN: 0692483977
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  • File Size: 33MB
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 42 pages
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Dylan has a great frog. It must be great because Dylan told everyone he knows that his frog is the fastest, highest-jumping, best frog ever. Trouble starts when a frog race comes to town and puts Dylan's bragging to the test. Will Dylan risk his reputation and race his frog? Will his classmate's store-bought frog leave Dylan's pond frog in the dust? Dylan will have to decide if it is better to race his frog and maybe lose, or to not race and not lose...but not win. Luckily, Dylan has a few tricks up his sleeve. He also has a good friend, Zoe, who may hold the key to his dilemma.

About B C Dee

BC Dee has been an author of children's stories since age five. Now, his daughter, Isabel, is the inspiration for his stories that are replete with playful insights into children and the world around them. This story has roots in one of Isabel's adventures. Intrepid explorer and fearless hunter of earthworms, she once happened upon a Southern Toad outside of its burrow. She carried her new friend around with her in an old shoebox that she lined with leaves and ventilated with a pencil. Eventually, he was released, unharmed, back to his burrow. In addition to "The Great Southern Toad Encounter," Isabel and her daddy have had the pleasure of the company of one baby alligator, a mile of pythons, multiple ferrets, swarms of butterflies and dragonflies, battallions of beetles, and many other types of flora and fauna from her two homes: the United States and Brazil. You will see some of these animals reflected in How Much Does a Whale Weigh?-another of BC Dee's creations published by Hairy Dog Books.


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