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  • Data Published: 06 June 2007
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Working as an underground force, the French Resistance was initially formed spontaneously from scattered groups of the displaced and discontent. As the war progressed the Resistance developed into a secret army, terrorizing the occupying forces and would-be collaborators alike although they were unprotected by the Geneva Convention and faced torture and execution if captured. Striking photographs, coupled with first-hand accounts of capture and its terrible consequences, create an engaging and human history of the "French Resistance fighter". Terry Crowdy details the military achievements, tactics, backgrounds and motivations of the patriots whose assistance helped ensure the success of the D-Day landings and French liberation.

About Terry Crowdy

Terry Crowdy has long been fascinated by many aspects of military history and takes great pleasure delving into forgotten historical sources and seeking information that has eluded others. The author of a number of articles and books, including the recent release "The Enemy Within" (Osprey 2006). Terry lives in Kent, UK. The author lives in Kent, UK.


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