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  • Data Published: 08 January 2015
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Proven Relief For Autoimmune Diseases! Do You Suffer From: Sjogren's Syndrome Multiple Sclerosis Lupus Rheumatoid Arthritis Colitis Diabetes Type 1 Fibromyalgia Or another autoimmune disease You're about to discover a proven dietary change that can relieve your symptoms and improve your immune system for the rest of your life! This isn't a fad diet. Millions of American's are suffering from autoimmune diseases and have been able to stop taking aggressive drugs, chemotherapy and pain medications by simply changing their diet. Think about it: you'll Feel Better and Save Money! In this book you will find all the information you need to improve your life FOREVER! You'll Learn... Types of autoimmune diseases How autoimmune diseases effect the body What is Gluten sensitivity vs. celiac Disease? A quick start guide How to change your diet How to manage new changes How to shop How to plan meals How to eat at restaurants Do you need supplements? Loads of tips and tricks! BUY your copy NOW for a journey to lifetime relief!

About Mary Solomon

Mary Troutman Solomon lives with her husband and two children in North Carolina. She has been a health care provider and counselor for over 25 years focusing on a holistic approach to suffering and healing. Mary believes the mind, body and spirt are connected and if one aspect is effected by illness or suffering, all aspects will be effected. Mary has a special interest in chronic and terminal illness, end of life care and bereavement. She is an ombudsman and patient advocate. She also had a brother die of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and has been active in helping ALS patients and their caregivers.


    27 March 2016

    I gained so much from your speaking at University of Nebraska at Omaha and the NSLA Heartland Conference!

    23 July 2016

    Hope so; I'm quite happy with it so far. (Thanks to all who filled in the info.) Credit to my wife for the idea!

      7 April 2016

      Jeremy, I want to help Miguel Andrango, an 80 yr. old native Ecuadorean weaver, build a website to display photos & a YouTube video of him at his loom. He is the last weaver using the ancient back strap loom, carding /spinning methods& all natural dyes. He wants to preserve these traditional crafts.The goal is to encourage international travelers to visit his workshop at his mountainside village for free demonstrations and to enable people to make donations toward a small museum he wants to establish at his home.. Does the free version of Weebly have the features we'd need? The website should be simple, trouble free.and free or very low cost. Many thanks for your advice!

      17 July 2016

      You've just made my day! ???? How absolutely wonderful to get your lovely note! I am so glad you are enjoying QUALIFY, and there are plenty more stories to read, if you want to try my other work.

    11 January 2016

    But again, that's just based on a quick scan around their site. It's not a bad idea to test them out for yourself and compare that with Squarespace!


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