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  • Data Published: 16 January 2014
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The killing fields of Cannae provide the setting for one of the bloodiest battles in history. But who will triumph? Hannibal and his warrior army, or the mighty legions of Rome. By the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Forgotten Legion trilogy. Hannibal's campaign to defeat Rome continues as he marches south to confront his enemy. With him is a young soldier, Hanno. Like his general, Hanno burns to vanquish Rome. Never has the possibility seemed so likely. But a stealthy game of cat and mouse is being played as Rome's generals seek to avoid confrontation. Eventually the two armies meet under a fierce summer sun. The place is Cannae - the fields of blood. The battle will go down in history as one of the bloodiest ever fought, a battle in which Hanno knows he must fight as never before - just to stay alive.

About Ben Kane

'History is more than facts on a page. It's the sounds, the smells, the people, the passion. History should make you think: "I was there". My books are born from my obsession with Roman history. I've followed Spartacus's trail across Italy. I've stood at Cannae and pictured Hannibal's army meeting the massed legions of Rome. I've watched the sea lapping against the fortifications of Syracuse, besieged by the Romans for close to two years. Immerse yourself in these incredible stories and - like me - remind yourself why the legend of Rome endures.' To find out more about BEN KANE, his world and his novels, visit: www.benkane.net. Twitter@@BenKaneAuthor / Facebook.com/benkanebooks


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