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  • Publisher: John Wiley
  • Data Published: 08 August 2006
  • ISBN: 0471784699
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You'll never fall into the tourist traps when you travel with "Frommer's". It's like having a friend show you around, taking you to the places locals like best. Our expert authors have already gone everywhere you might go they've done the legwork for you, and they're not afraid to tell it like it is, saving you time and money. No other series offers candid reviews of so many hotels and restaurants in all price ranges. Every "Frommer's Travel Guide" is up to date, with exact prices for everything, dozens of color maps, and exciting coverage of sports, shopping, and nightlife. You'd be lost without us! "Frommer's Peru" is the premier guide to the country, with complete coverage of Lima, the Southern Coast, Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Amazon Basin, and more. You'll get candid reviews of the best hotels, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife, as well as the author's picks for the best travel experiences, including: flying over the Nasca Lines- hiking the Inca Trail- gazing upon Machu Picchu- floating on Lake Titicaca- watching the condors soar at Colca Canyon- plunging deep into the jungle of the Amazon- and more. Free companion podcasts are available for download! (Peru, Part 1 Peru, Part 2)

About Neil Edward Schlecht

Each Frommer's guide is personally researched and thoroughly updated by a single author or a small team. Our guides have a fun, intensely personal voice and a real person's judgments you can trust. Neil E. Schlecht is a writer, photographer, and cycling fanatic who has lived in Spain, Brazil, and Ecuador- he is the author of Spain for Dummies and the co-author of Frommer's Texas, Frommer's South America, and Frommer's New York State.


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