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  • Data Published: 25 October 2010
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Microcosmos is a remarkable photo-journey into everyday life through spectacular microscopic images. This new edition lifts the book to breathtaking realms. The extraordinary images, produced with the latest microphotography technologies, are displayed on more readerfriendly larger page layouts. Most of the 205 full-colour photographs were taken using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), which allows us to see our world as never before. Each page features a single image, a remarkable close-up that reveals form, shape and colour in incredible detail. The book is divided into six chapters that cover: Microorganisms, Botany, The human body, Zoology, Minerals, Technology. Every photograph is accompanied by an informative caption that describes the image, how it was captured and the number of magnifications. With the stunning production values of its full-colour photographs and its clearly written text, Microcosmos provides a fascinating journey of discovery for every reader.

About Brandon Broll

Brandon Broll is a London-based journalist specializing in science and medicine who has published stories on subjects as diverse as brainmapping and crash-test dummies. His work appears regularly in The Guardian, and in international publications such as Reader's Digest.


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