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  • Format Name: Christian Word Search Puzzles, Volume One
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  • Publisher: GIL Publications
  • Data Published: 23 January 2013
  • ISBN: 0980218594
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100 Christian/Bible Word Search Puzzles with Scriptures. 30 words per puzzle. Hidden Biblical messages in each puzzle. Features well known and popular scriptures on Christian foundational topics. Great Challenge! Great Fun!! Get to know the Word of God - while having fun After finding all the words in the puzzle, the remaining letters spell out a hidden Biblical message, question or challenge for the reader. Use this book for your reference, for daily meditations and devotionals. Copy for your Bible Class, church bulletins and other ministering purposes. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.Bible Books First Books Old Testament 2.Bible Books Prophecy Books in Old Testament 3.Bible Books New Testament 4.Women in the Bible 5.Men in the Old Testament 6.Men in the Gospels 7.Jesus' Ministry 8.Parables in the Gospels 9.Places in the Holy Land 10.Jesus Heals 11.Love Is 12.The Beatitudes 13.The First Apostles 14.Our Position in the Kingdom of God 15.Gifts of the Spirit 16.The Full Armor of God 17.The Baptism of Jesus 18.Tithes and Offerings 19.Humility 20.Devils, Demons, Fallen Angels 21.Hebrews in the Wilderness 22.Hebrews Tested in the Desert 23.Jesus Tempted in the Desert 24.Prayer 25.Faith 26.The Fall of Jericho 27.Prosperity 28.Pharisees 29.Power of the Tongue 30.Seed 31.The Love of Money 32.Forgiveness 33.Blindness 34.Solomon's Wisdom 35.Praise Ye The Lord 36.Sins of the Flesh 37.Patience and Perseverance 38.Renew Your Mind 39.The Word of God 40.The Battle is the Lord's 41.Jesus Feeds the 5000 42.Creation 43.More Than a Conqueror 44.The Kingdom of God 45.Salvation 46.In the Lord's House 47.God's Purpose for Me 48.Cleanse Me So I Might Serve Thee 49.The Flood - Noah 50.Please God Not Man 51.God's Power for Us 52.Freedom In Christ 53.Do Not Worry 54.Rest for Our Souls 55.Wisdom Speaks 56.Fear Not 57.Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead 58.Add to Your Faith 59.Fruit of the Spirit 60.The Truth 61.Other Names for Jesus Christ 62.The End of This Age 63.Little Children 64.Maturing in Christ 65.John The Baptist 66.Animals in the Bible 67.Cain and Abel 68.What is Man? 69.Peter 70.Who's In Charge? 71.The Holy Spirit 72.Spiritual Man 73.Jacob Wrestled With God 74.The Offspring of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 75.Your Body Is the Temple of the Spirit 76.Soldiers and Athletes 77.Thanksgiving 78.Ministry of Reconciliation 79.A Time for Everything 80.The Bread of Life 81.Marriage 82.The Law Versus God's Grace 83.Sanctification 84.Prophecies of Jesus' Birth 85.Baptism 86.Pentecost 87.We Were Made In His Image 88.Reconciled Through Christ 89.Christ, Propitiation (Atonement) for Our Sins 90.The Spirit of Life in Christ 91.Holiness 92.Holiest of Holies 93.God Is Sovereign 94.Names of God 95.Trust in the Lord 96.Seven Churches - Ephesus 97.Seven Churches - Smyrna

About Akili T Kumasi

Akili Kumasi is author/complier of the internationally acclaimed Bible Word Search Puzzle books. Akili is a Deacon at his church and the author of numerous articles and other books including fatherhood books: Fatherhood Principles of Joseph the Carpenter and On the Outside Looking In He is the father of four including two grown sons. He lives in Queens, New York with his wife and two daughters. Akili is also the President of God Is Love Ministries and G.I.L.


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