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  • Format Name: The Symbolic Order
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  • Publisher: Routledge Falmer
  • Data Published: 31 August 1989
  • ISBN: 185000594X
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Alongside "Living Powers" and "A is for Aesthetic" this book is intended to establish a conceptual frame for the Arts in Education series. The first and primary aim of this symposium is to put teachers of all the arts in touch with some of the most recent and the best writing on the nature of art by art-makers, educationalists and seminal critics. This in itself is to foster generative conceptions and to promote a sense of connection between the arts. Such an intellectual forum is vital, particularly at the present time when, with the waning of Modernism, there is a real need for new formulations, more comprehensive critiques, a greater awareness of the plurality of artistic conventions and, hence, of expressive possibilities. Each essay both stands alone and belongs to a structured sequential argument uniting the collection.

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