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  • Publisher: b small publishing limited
  • Data Published: 02 October 2012
  • ISBN: 1908164298
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A pizza-shaped book full of fun, creative and, sometimes, gruesome recipes. From homemade pizza with ghoulish toppings through spider-topped fairy cakes to severed fingers in a bun, these recipes will shock and surprise your friends - especially as they're so yummy! Includes: Monster Pizzas, Mess on Toast, Axeman's Snacks, Prehistoric Sandwiches, Whiffy Puffs, Dino Bites, Mammoth Tusks in Mud, Dung Buns, Cowpat Pudding, Flies in Amber, Creepy Cakes, Bony Biscuits, Fossil Flapjacks and Slushy Slurps. Recipes taken from other b small publishing books: Gruesome Grub and Disgusting Dishes / Dino Dishes and Fossil Food.

About Susan Martineau

Susan Martineau is the author of all the titles in the Gruesome series and acknowledges the invaluable assistance and encouragement of her children, Alice and Will. She has also written other books for b small publishing including the Science Around You series, exploring fun science in and around the house.


    5 June 2016

    My current website is hosted and built on GoDaddy and the one thing I would really like to add is a video player gallery, which I can't do on GoDaddy's Website Builder. I also really want to keep using the Google Font Special Elite for my branding, which I can't do on Wix.

    25 March 2016

    Lexie writes loads of awesome book reviews!

      21 July 2016

      Nothing wrong with using an imprint name no matter who you are. This is no different than for grocery items. Are Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and Betty Crocker real people? Do they blend and package cake mix in a little kitchen in a 3-room farmhouse? Of course not. Do entertainers and writers use pen names? All the time. Do book covers have photos and artword instead of just the title in black letters on white paper? Of course.SoЙ using an imprint name is simply putting your best food forward and giving a positive image.

      8 June 2016

      I pre-ordered this, simply because I love Jeff's work and all that he stands for. Well that and perhaps the fact that we have so many things in common.

    28 May 2016

    WordPress is pretty powerful, but can be a time suck to get it configured to the way you want it to be, especially if you don't hire someone to help you.


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