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  • Data Published: 30 October 2002
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Describing everything from glove-making to barley-sowing, this illustrated encyclopedia covers the terminology, symbolism, household objects, daily activities, forms of entertainment, and other elements found in Shakespeare's works. This unique encyclopedia complies an impressive breadth of information about all manner of things from weapons to weddings in Shakespeare's world. More than 200 articles, most accompanied by vivid illustrations, bring together rich historical detail with informative, insightful description on form and function of items both obscure and everyday, such as tools, weapons, clothing, and coins. Students reading Shakespeare's plays can look up meanings of specific terms such as "farthingale" and "springe," or find explanations of concepts such as the four humours and the worthies. Not only are the articles mentioned by Shakespeare graphically described here, but many of the processes and methods such as glove-making, beer-brewing, and barley-sowing are also explicated. Readers, researchers, actors, and audiences will enjoy the lively--and at times humorous--essays on myriad topics including anatomy, hunting, entertainment, astronomy, falconry, torture, death, medicine, astrology, mythology. This user-friendly encyclopedia makes a great variety of information about Shakespeare's world accessible to readers. Students reading his plays can look up specific terms referenced in the works. In addition to the ample illustration, a table of weights and measures illuminates such terms as "cade," "firkin," and "hogshead," and maps pinpoint many of the locations mentioned in Shakespeare's plays and poems. Each term explicated here details in which plays the item occurs. A chronology of historical events referenced in Shakespeare's plays concisely identifies the important events that figure in the plays. Teachers can use the index to find each citation of an assigned play, or use the bibliography and topic guide for assignments and research paper ideas. Going beyond mere definitions, the depth of information and illustrations provided in this encyclopedia will give all readers a clear sense of the world that Shakespeare knew and wrote about.

About Kirstin Olsen

KIRSTIN OLSEN is an independent author. Her several books include Understanding Lord of the Flies (2000), Daily Life in 18th-Century England (1999), and Chronology of Women's History (1994), all from Greenwood Press.


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