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  • Data Published: 01 October 2007
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On Sitting by the Well, acclaimed Jungian analyst Marion Woodman uses dreams, symbols, and body imagery to reach into the shadows of the unconscious mind and cast light on our everyday lives. Here is a poetic culmination of Woodman's many years of work with the psychological impact of patriarchy on men's and women's lives, from distorted body image and addiction, to sexual trauma and relationships, to our ultimate connection with the Great Mother: matter, and Great Father: spirit. On six digitally remastered archival recordings, Woodman unravels Carl Jung's core teachings on archetypes and the unconscious, and analyzes how dreams and metaphors provide powerful healing tools for the psyche. You will hear the evolution of Woodman's theories over the past decade, while vividly sharing her insights into what we each must do to open to spirit and find meaning in our suffering. For all of us interested in what Marion Woodman calls "the language of our instincts," Sitting by the Well is a one-of-a-kind guide for learning it.

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