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Colorize your charging station with this convenient Micro USB cable.

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    27 March 2016

    Hello Mr.Marc, I am currently doing a project over your book, Sugar Changed the World, and would like to ask you and Mrs. Marina some questions to help with my presentation.

    23 July 2016

    Enrico: check out the yoghurt spheres and mozarella beads on p. 53 (in version 2.2) Р are they what you are looking for?

      7 April 2016

      With the exception of music in the opening and closing credits, most adult audiobook listeners do not want or expect any music or sound effects in the production.

      17 July 2016

      I just signed up and am hoping to use it at our church during Lent. If we do the small group portion of this meeting once a week, how much time do you think we need to allow for that? If everyone has already watched the video? Trying to advertise it and promote it, but need to set a time for this and then we will close each session with Compline as well. С Thank you it looks great!

    11 January 2016

    I want to add that my old site is at the mercy of Lycos, who had third party rights to trellix, and they hope to migrate our old sites onto their new site builder in the coming months, perhaps April 2015, but since their customer service has no answers about what to expect, I just gotta move on, but hopefully not to go through the nightmare again with a site builder that isn't future friendly. Thanks! Matt


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