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  • Data Published: 13 November 2012
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Read by Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier, Kathleen Turner, and Matthew Broderick Here are the immortals of Olympus the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece as freshly described as if they were alive today. Mighty Zues with his fistful of thunderbolts- mischievous little Hermes- grey-eyed Athena, godess of wisdom- Asclepius, the first physician- Orpheus and his beloved Euridice- Helios the sun, crossing the heavens in his fiery chariot. . . these and other equally fabulous figures are featured here with their heroic deeds and petty squabbles illuminated in full dimension."

About Ingri D'Aulaire

INGRI and EDGAR PARIN D AULAIRE were author-artists of rare distinction. They met in Munich where both were studying art. Ingri had grown up in Norway- Edgar, the son of a noted Italian portrait painter, was born in Switzerland and had lived in Paris and Florence. Shortly after they married they together began to create text and art for the picture books that established their reputation for unique craftsmanship. During an extended trip to Greece, they studied and sketched the countryside, the people, the architecture, and the artifacts of long ago. These elements appear with unmistakable authenticity, transformed by the d Aulaires own artistic concepts."


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