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  • Data Published: January 2014
  • ISBN: 9781441846570
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On the eve of the Second World War, as German armies gather to invade Poland, Hitler has hit upon a master plan to distract the British while the blitzkrieg takes place. A German archeologist from Dahrein, Otto Muller, who has just made a sensational discovery, is summoned to Berlin.

In Dahrein, the Spanish-held port on the gulf, Gavin Kane, an American trader, and Ruth Cunningham embark on a search to find Ruth s husband, an archeologist who has disappeared in the desert while on a quest to find the long-lost temple of Sheba. With little to go on but the ancient testament of a Greek adventurer, Alexias, the only survivor of a Roman expedition of 24 BC, Kane and Cunningham venture into the inhospitable Empty Quarter, the Rubh al Khali, a region of outlaws, treachery and death.

Calling on all their reserves of cunning and ingenuity to survive the deserts and its denizens, they are drawn inexorably onwards by the overwhelming allure of Sheba. When they finally reach their destination, they stumble upon a conspiracy that could have devastating consequences for the world.

Inspired by one of his early novels, now long out of print, "Sheba" has all the hallmarks of a vintage Higgins thriller.


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    15 February 2016

    Is squarespace good for this ?

    6 January 2016

    Thank you so much,Rita

      9 August 2016

      In case you're wondering, the beer that the founders are looking to sell their office "stuff" for is Jack's Abby's "Leisure Time Lager." Hard to get in SF. Too much info, I guess.

      6 January 2016

      I understand no one gets rich writing them, but is there a way too bring it to the attention of the general public (i.e. the relevant subculture) or even to partially overcome the stigma of it not coming off the iron at Oxford or Clarendon or Augsburg Fortress?

    30 July 2016

    had to be Й how many books already have a TED Talk of the same name??) That book is now in eight??languages, most recently Chinese. Which just blows my


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