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  • Publisher: Melbourne University Press
  • Data Published: 01 October 2015
  • ISBN: 0522868436
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In The Politics of Myth, Stephen Knight studies nine figures still vividly alive, all of them appearing in twenty-first century film and television. Analysing how they relate to the major themes of power, resistance and knowledge, he shows how fact and fiction interweave to help us explore and understand the complexities of our world. Myths shift with time: Robin Hood can be a tough anti-authoritarian, a genial aristocrat, a Saxon patriot- Queen Elizabeth I has been seen as a Protestant heroine, a love-lorn lady, even a grumpy manipulator. From Merlin's multiple manifestations and Sherlock Holmes's smoking habits to the ongoing arguments about Ned Kelly, this book explores the richness and the range of figures of myth.

About Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight worked as a Professor of Literature in Australia and Britain, focusing on the inter-relationship of culture and society, publishing many books and essays, with major work on King Arthur, Merlin, Robin Hood and world crime fiction. He is currently an Honorary Research Professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia.


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