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  • Format Name: Barnaby and Mr. O'Mally
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  • Publisher: Dover Pubns
  • Data Published: June 1975
  • ISBN: 9780486232102
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What has little pink wings, talks with an Irish brogue and smokes a cigar?

If you are familiar with Crockett Johnson's comic strip Barnaby, you'll know the answer right away: Mr. O'Malley one of the most delightful creations in comic strip history. If you're not, this book (and Dover's companion volume, "Barnaby") will give you a chance to make the acquaintance of Barnaby and his utterly fantastic fairy godfather.

From the first episode about the magic but non-germinating seeds that Mr. O'Malley supplies for Barnaby's victory garden through Mr. O'Malley's race for Congress, you will meet a host of wonderful characters: Gorgon the talking dog, Atlas the (mental) giant, Gust the ghost, Barnaby's mom and pop, and many others. Of course, most important are the self-assertive Mr. O'Malley and Barnaby himself, whose faith in his gold-bricking fairy godfather is thoroughly heart-warming.

Altogether there are eight completely fantastic episodes in this book. By the time you have finished them unless you are different from millions of other readers you, too, will have become an ardent Barnaby fan.


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