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  • Format Name: Foundations of Education
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  • Publisher: Heinle
  • Data Published: 31 January 2013
  • ISBN: 1133940803
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  • Number of Pages: 560 pages
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FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION, Twelfth Edition, helps students understand the key educational issues and policies affecting American education. Through an array of applied features, the authors help to prepare students for their careers by tying the book's themes to students' future practice. These include "TeachSource Video Activities," "From Pre-Service to Practice" real-world case studies, "Taking Issue" boxes, and "Certification Connection Activities." Reflective pedagogy encourages students to form their own unique philosophy of teaching, laying a strong foundation for a lifelong career. Completely up-to-date throughout, this edition also provides the latest information on accountability, technology, diversity, and many other important topics.

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