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  • Data Published: 30 June 1981
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Advances in research, knowledge and clinical practice in all branches of medicine have been rapid over the past decades and the speed is accelerating. Thus, as we enter the 1980s the pressure on specialists is to concentrate on ever-narrowing fields of their science. For the research worker this is desirable, but the practising clinician Our patient is a whole can have no clearly defined dividing lines. individual and every aspect of her makeup, physical and psychological, must always be taken fully into account. This is of vital importance in obstetrics and gynaecology. These two closely inter- woven disciplines are branches of medical science in which emergency situations are not uncommon. Thus every practitioner, doctor, mid- wife and nurse needs understanding of these subjects. Although tech- nology advances rapidly, many basic principles remain the same. The chapters that follow deal with these, and modern trends in clinical management are discussed. For some decades the author has been in clinical charge of a matern- ity hospital some 12 miles south of Central London. The hospital is a training school for obstetricians and midwives, and the local popula- tion is adequately supplied with a general practitioner service. These circumstances are of some relevance because many views expressed are based on personal experience while others are based on countless books, articles, congresses and discussion with colleagues. To every source of information I express my thanks.

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    15 June 2016

    You're my hero! This book only and the best I've read in my life!

    26 May 2016

    Amazon sells books, Amazon sells advertising С when you control a big chunk of the reviews as well, it doesn???t take much to start linking all of these together. "Want to turn your book into a blockbuster? List with us, advertise with us, and pay us to control the reivew information." Will that happen? Not today, probably not tomorrow, but it could С and, as the consumer, how would you even know?

      14 July 2016

      :D!!! Thank you, my friend.

      17 March 2016

      As for the website builder you are referring to, we haven't heard about them but are happy to check them out when we get a chance.

    22 April 2016

    Hi Catherine! Thank you so much, really glad you liked P&P.


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