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  • Publisher: Federation Press
  • Data Published: 11 November 2014
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Old Law, New Law follows the author's Lawyers Then and Now in offering a miscellany of genuine legal stories drawn from Australian legal history as well as its modern law. If there is any change of focus, this work looks at the people of the law through the prism of established or changing legal doctrines and processes. The chapter headings will show that quirky humanity intrudes into the most doctrinaire of fields (such as statutory interpretation and tort law) and that law intrudes into every facet of human life (including food, drink and sex). As in the former work, there is much comparing of attitudes past and present, while observing the underlying constancy of human values and biases within every corner of the law. Readers will discover: * the constitutional distinction between financial and moral bankruptcy * the New South Wales judge who responded to a submission on behalf of the Queensland Commissioner for Railways by stating 'You don't think we are going to let you banana-benders get away with that, do you?' * Chief Justices who entered dodgy marriages, committed contempts of court or were described as 'sexy' by litigants they encountered * judges who upheld appeals from their own judgments * strange aspects of matrimonial law and lore, including 'wife sales' and forced outcomes of the biblical 'one flesh' concept * some (rare) sightings of appellate judges abusing each other * several instances of cannibalism and the law.

About Keith Mason

Keith Mason has been a solicitor, barrister, law reformer, solicitor-general, president of a court of appeal, law teacher and mediator. He has published on topics including judicial method, legal taxonomy, the law of restitution, and the interface of law, morality and religion. Currently he is a visiting professorial fellow at the University of New South Wales and the chancellor of the Anglican diocese of Armidale. This work, along with Lawyers Then and Now, combines the interests of an amateur legal historian with insights drawn from a fortunate life in the law.


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    19 January 2016

    I just finished reading the free version of NWTRYS and I have to say that I think Steven is a genius. I will buy the book now so I can make notes on it and mark it up. I love how he presents the material with no arrogance, no superiority, no ego. He says it like it is. The chapters are concise and precise and delivered with a punch. The timing of this book release for me was as though planned by the universe, the muse, the gods, whatever. Thank you Steven for very inspirational words. I will read this many times as I work on the books floating around in my head!!!


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