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With the increasing focus on science education, growing attention is being paid how science is taught. Educators in science and science-related disciplines are recognizing that distance delivery opens up new opportunities for delivering information, providing interactivity, collaborative opportunities and feedback, as well as for increasing access for students. This book presents the guidance of expert science educators from the US and from around the globe. They describe key concepts, delivery modes and emerging technologies, and offer models of practice. The book places particular emphasis on experimentation, lab and field work as they are fundamentally part of the education in most scientific disciplines. Chapters include: Discipline methodology and teaching strategies in the specific areas of physics, biology, chemistry and earth sciences. An overview of the important and appropriate learning technologies (ICTs) for each major science. Best practices for establishing and maintaining a successful course online. Insights and tips for handling practical components like laboratories and field work. Coverage of breaking topics, including MOOCs, learning analytics, open educational resources and m-learning. Strategies for engaging your students online. A companion website presents videos of the contributors sharing additional guidance, virtual labs simulations and various additional resources.

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