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  • Data Published: 01 July 2001
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The Old Town of Edinburgh has everything. At the highest point is a huge castle. At the foot of the hill there's a palace. Between them are secret gardens, a museum full of toys, a statue of the world famous Greyfriars Bobby, and much more besides. There were murders here too (think of Burke and Hare). There's mystery - is preacher John Knox really buried under parking space 44? And then there are the ghosts of Mary King's Close. You can find out about all this and more in this guide. Read the tales of the Old Town, check out the short quizzes and the Twenty Questions page (all the answers are given), and you'll have plenty to see and do.

About Anne Bruce English

Anne Bruce English was introduced to Edinburgh as a child by her uncle, when she found the louring buildings of the Old Town somewhat intimidating. She has now lived here for many years and loves the city. Her strong interest in Edinburgh has led to her spending a lot of time wandering through the neuks and wynds of the Old Town, and discovering its past. She enjoys its light and its architecture and the fact that walking round a corner can unexpectedly reveal hills or the river or a gothic spire. Her Discovering Durham City published by County Durham Books in 1999, has proved very popular with young people and visitors, and she is currently working on Let's Explore Berwick-Upon-Tweed. Anne has written widely for children, including stories, poems and dramatised scripts for BBC radio programmes (Edinburgh and London based), and is published in many anthologies. Her interest in children's stories and how they develop began when she started reading to her own young children. She was responsible for establishing the successful Edinburgh Children's Book Group. She is married with two daughters and an elderly cat.


    14 June 2016

    I downloaded the book and read it in as close to one sitting as time and obligations allowed. It's a fast read (and for me, a slow reader, that's something). But don't let the conversational and easy style fool you. That's part of the deep craft in this book, which teaches not only directly, but indirectly, in how it's written. This book is magnificent, on so many levels. It is both entertaining and instructive, and certainly requires not only a second, more attentive read, but a special place on the reference shelf, to be referred to quite frequently. At once intimately personal and eminently practical, NWTRYS takes the reader on a journey of discovery and self-discovery, structure and struggle. It's a book about craft and inspiration, where failure only hides the success within. Self-help books, and I hesitate to call this one because it's so much more, often tend to be preachy and preening. NWTRYS is the opposite, both humble and inspirational. In a field where cliches and formulas abound, this book not only avoids the formulaic, it reveals the skeletal system of narrative, so that creating the flesh and blood, which is the life and variety of people and works of art, is the work and hard responsibility of the writer-who-would-be-a-writer. Congratulations, Steve, on another masterpiece.

    19 February 2016

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      8 February 2016

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      11 August 2016

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    4 March 2016

    I just finished the book and was in love at first sight if the is a possibility to a second I would get it asap. I would love to see what happens to Blackwell and the love story between John and Elizabeth. Even if there isn't a sequel I'm going to read whatever book you create next. Good luck! ????


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