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In "The Immaterial", French social philosopher Andre Gorz argues, in his finely tuned and polemical style, that the economic boom that accelerated in the 1990s and crashed so spectacularly in 2008 was based largely on an immaterial consumption of symbols and ideas, as capitalism tried to overcome the crisis of the formally industrial regime by throwing itself into a new, so-called knowledge economy. In this, the last full-length philosophical work Gorz completed before his death, he argues instead for the creation of a true knowledge economy. This economy would be based on zero-cost exchange and pooled resources, and knowledge would be treated as humanity's common property. Currently, in order to exploit knowledge and turn it into capital, the capitalist enterprise privatizes specialized knowledge and claims ownership through private licenses and copyright. But as Gorz shows, the traditional foundations of such capitalist economics have begun to crumble because of the immaterial nature of this new form of product, which makes it almost impossible to measure in monetary terms. The knowledge economy, Gorz declares, is the crisis of capitalism. Thought-provoking and divisive, "The Immaterial" is the perfect book for our time, as we begin to reimagine the structures of our economic system in order to rebuild and move forward.

About Andre Gorz

Andre Gorz (1923-2007), also known by his pen name, Michel Bosquet, was an Austrian-French social philosopher. He was the editor of Les Temps modernes and cofounded Le Nouvel Observateur, a leftist weekly. His other books include Socialism and Revolution, Farewell to the Working Class, and Ecologica, the last also published by Seagull Books. Chris Turner is a writer and translator who lives in Birmingham, England.


    11 March 2016

    Doesn't the view that the universe is (perhaps) perfect, suffer from a similar problem as the idea of God, that "he/she/it" can't be both all-powerful, all knowing and all powerful, because an all powerful, all loving God would not permit suffering? Or maybe perfection is an asymptote, always strived for, but never achieved? So maybe believers are worshiping (or idolizing?! an asymptote?! How can a perfect universe be so full of pain and suffering? This reminds me of an essay by Stanislaw Lem in his book "One Human Minute" that I read some 20+ years ago, about how the universe creates using destruction.

    4 May 2016

    Thank you very much for your kind guidance in advance.

      13 May 2016

      Arrrgggghhhh. Does anyone know what is going wrong? As an aside, the books have not expired from my library. Thanks!

      18 July 2016

      Thanks for the tips Roman. My company is currently in a transition period to Agile. In terms of ADAPT, we have the awareness, desire and the ability is coming fast Р can you recommend a good book which focuses purely on writing user stories?

    15 April 2016

    squarespace is awesome, however the payment gateway stripe is not available in all countries which means they don't support all currencies.


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