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Multi-Family Therapy (MFT) involves the bringing together of different families in a therapeutic context in order to work jointly to overcome each of their specific and very individual problems. This innovative book combines the theory and concepts of MFT with detailed practical examples of techniques and exercises which have been proven to help with problematic children, teenagers and adults. In this book, Asen and Scholz discuss how MFT has been developed over the past 30 years and has been applied nationally and internationally across a range of settings with a variety of clients, including: Children and teenagers who are excluded from school- Multi-problem families with abuse and violence who challenge social workers and the legal system- and Children, teenagers, and adults who present with mental health issues. "Multi-Family Therapy: Concepts and Techniques" is written for professionals in mental health, social work, and education. Its unique pragmatic approach makes it an essential guide for anyone wishing to employ MFT.

About Eia Asen

Eia Asen is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and a Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy, and is clinical director of the Marlborough Family Service, London. Michael Scholz is a systemic psychotherapist and the Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Dresden, Germany.


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