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Venice has always been a bustling trade city. Its cuisine is the most profound expression of a territorial identity and was not immune to contaminations by other cultures. The need to preserve food during long sea journeys and strong links with the Far East--the origin of the city's imported spices--generated recipes with unexpected flavours.Nonetheless, the flavour of Venetian dishes reveals something more than its commercial past. To discover its complexities you must sail to the lagoon's islands, where the restaurants offer authentic traditional Venetian cuisine. VENEZIA IN CUCINA captures the essence and inspiration of many of those native Venetian dishes, including everything from antipasti and entrees to wine pairings and delectable desserts.

About Cinzia Armandini

The recipes in this book were suggested to writer Cinzia Armanini by the four chefs of the four most authentic restaurants of the Venetian laguna: Venissa in Mazzorbo, Burano- Gatto Nero in Burano, Venice- Riva Rosa in Burano, Venice- and Da Romano Trattoria in Burano, VenicePhotographer Laurent Grandadam was born in Paris, and come from a family of many photographers. Specializing in food and travel photography on the highest level, he is currently working with all the best cooking magazines in France and the United Kingdom, including Saveur, Vivre La Table, Food and Travel, etc. He has several new books releasing soon, including "God Save the Cook" and "Tout Plancha: 30 recettes a realiser juste avant de passer a table Lunch box autour du monde."


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