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Technology-Enhanced Language Learning for Specialized Domains provides an exploration of the latest developments in technology-enhanced learning and the processing of languages for specific purposes. It combines theoretical and applied research from an interdisciplinary angle, covering general issues related to learning languages with computers, assessment, mobile-assisted language learning, the new language massive open online courses, corpus-based research and computer-assisted aspects of translation. The chapters in this collection include contributions from a number of international experts in the field with a wide range of experience in the use of technologies to enhance the language learning process. The essays have been brought together precisely in recognition of the demand for this kind of specialised tuition, offering state-of-the-art technological and methodological innovation and practical applications. The topics covered revolve around the practical consequences of the current possibilites of mobility for both learners and teachers, as well as the applicability of updated technological advances to language learning and teaching, particularly in specialized domains. This is achieved through the description and discussion of practical examples of those applications in a variety of educational contexts. At the beginning of each thematic section, readers will find an introductory chapter which contextualises the topic and links the different examples discussed. Drawing together rich primary research and empirical studies related to specialized tuition and the processing of languages, Technology-Enhanced Language Learning for Specialized Domains will be an invaluable resource for academics, researchers and postgraduate students in the fields of education, computer assisted language learning, languages and linguistics, and language teaching.

About Elena Martin-Monje

Elena Martin Monje is Lecturer at UNED (Spanish University for Distance Learning), Spain, where she teaches in the areas of English for Specific Purposes and Computer-Assisted Language Learning, also her fields of research. Izaskun Elorza is Associate Professor in English Language and Linguistics, University of Salamanca, Spain, where she is involved in teaching and researching in the areas of English language, grammar and corpus linguistics. In the area of ICTs' applications to language teaching and learning, she is particularly interested in corpus-based language modelling. Blanca Garcia Riaza is Lecturer at the School of Education and Tourism, University of Salamanca, Spain, where she teaches in the areas of English for Specific Purposes, Oral Communication and ICTs. Her research interests focus on corpus-based discourse analysis and mobile learning.


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