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  • Format Name: The Complete Advanced Pilot Ebundle
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  • Publisher: Aviation Supplies
  • Data Published: 13 February 2014
  • ISBN: 1619541076
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Trade Paperback PDF eBook version: Trade paperback book comes with code to download the eBook from ASA's website. Bob Gardner's textbooks have been in publication since 1985 and are continually updated and expanded to keep up with FAA regulations and procedures. Mr. Gardner writes in a conversational style that is readable and comprehensive, bringing the reader to a greater understanding of the material. All his books are reinforced by the caliber of personal experience that integrates "technique and procedures" with mastery. Many students prepare for the Commercial certificate and Instrument rating simultaneously, as a method to train efficiently, cut expenses, and expedite the process. This book combines these two phases in flight training to produce a seamless, effective method for efficient training. It is the best way to expedite the Instrument and Commercial certification process. Taking and passing an FAA Knowledge Exam is required for the instrument rating and the commercial certificate. Using these tests as the premise for learning, Gardner applies practical information so readers are not only prepared for their exams, but also for the cockpit. He augments the required aeronautical knowledge by giving specific tips and techniques, checklists and mnemonic devices, and sound advice from personal experience. Each chapter concludes with sample questions taken directly from the FAA tests, and a comprehensive glossary and index are included as well as useful aviation website links. This practical application of the FAA Knowledge Exam is not available in any other text! With the author's approachable yet concise writing style, readers will be able to quickly grasp the subjects, pass the required tests and checkrides, and have an operational understanding of instrument flying and the commercial ticket that they can take to the cockpit. Review questions follow each chapter. Full-color appendix on weather services contains examples and more. Foreword by Dave Gwinn. Illustrated and contains glossary and index.

About Bob Gardner

Bob Gardner: Bob Gardner is a long-admired member of the aviation community. He began his flying career as a hobby in Alaska in 1960 while in the U.S. Coast Guard. By 1966, Bob earned his Private land and sea, Commercial, Instrument, Instructor, CFII, and MEL. Over the next 16 years he was an instructor, charter pilot, corporate and freight Captain, and Director of ASA Ground Schools. Currently, Bob holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with single and multi-engine land ratings- a CFI certificate with instrument and multi-engine land ratings- and a Ground Instructor's Certificate with advanced and instrument ratings. In addition, Bob is a Gold Seal Instructor and has been instructing since 1968. To top off this impressive list of accomplishments, Bob is also a well-known author, journalist, and airshow lecturer.


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