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  • Data Published: 03 March 2005
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'As I write Hermione's twelfth year is drawing to a close. The years of innocence are waning. But we have had the good fortune to live through a period when a child's mind is wide open and as absorbent as a sponge. Blessed years of exploration and discovery, fat and full of the natural world, which surrounds her here ...the mountains and forests and ospreys, eagles, otters and pine martens of a beautiful land.' NATURE'S CHILD is John Lister-Kaye's account of bringing up his daughter to appreciate the nature around her so beloved to himself. It is also a moving meditation on that world, and on their relationship, as he shows her how caterpillars metamorphose into moths- how beavers build dams in Norway- how half a million sea birds migrate to Shetland once a year to breed- how white rhinos behave in the wilds of Swaziland- how baby polar bears are raised on an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. As John puts it: 'Life is a collection of fragments of time charged with deeply personal sensation and meaning ...we had watched polar bears for a few minutes, but the recollection of those images are locked in for life. What is love if not time given in joy and delight?'

About John Lister-Kaye

Sir John Liste-Kaye is one of Scotland's best- known naturalists and conservationists. He has lectured on wildlife and the environment on three continents and served prominently in the RSPB, the Nature Conservancy Council, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Wildlife Trust. He lives at Aigas with his wife and family.


    6 June 2016

    i make earings from gautar pics that i purchase from businesses with thier logo. is it legal to sell them?

    27 March 2016

    We really enjoyed reading about your life journey; a truly inspiring testament to the art of living simply and well. Thank you. We understand so well your travels; the stopping for work when necessary and moving on to the next leg of the journey. As you said, once you sever your ties to a luxurious life, you never quite need to live so luxuriously again. It is a practice in restraint, we've thought at times, but also, it's learning to realize other dreams and desires that would never otherwise have been able to happen. So then, it's also an indulgence.

      15 February 2016

      Thank you for a great resource, Jeremy.

      28 February 2016

      It looks like a helpful read. Nice work Russell et al..

    21 March 2016

    Hello Emilie, thanks for joining us for this series. Yes, you may use the Introduction excerpt for the bulletin. All of our content is covered under a Creative Commons Attribution license which means you could copy and paste to your site so long as you keep a link back to


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