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  • Format Name: Pilates for Breast Cancer Survivors
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  • Data Published: 30 November 2014
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Whether you are undergoing therapy for breast cancer or recovering from it, the treatment and disease can leave you feeling weak. Pilates is a safe and effective way to help you get your strength back while fighting chemo brain, lymphedema, fatigue, depression, weight gain, peripheral neuropathy, osteoporosis, and upper extremity impairment. Naomi Aaronson and Anne Marie Turo, occupational therapists and certified Pilates instructors, show you how to build strength, flexibility, and confidence and improve everyday life after breast cancer through Pilates. This customizable three-phase program allows you to ease back into health at your own pace and challenge yourself as you regain mobility and power. With clear instructions and photos, you'll learn how to use correct posture, form, and alignment to get the most out of your exercise and feel better faster. Pilates for Breast Cancer Survivors features: Simple exercises to improve core and upper body strength A three-phase program to bring you from treatment to full recovery A special routine for recovery from the TRAM Flap procedure Adaptations for every exercise including seating and standing alternatives

About Naomi Aaronson

Naomi Aaronson , MA, OTR/L, CHT, CPI, is a certified occupation therapist and Pilates instructor, and the developer of the Recovercises program for breast cancer survivors. As an author and presenter at national seminars for health care providers, Aaronsoon seeks to educate both survivors and professionals about the importance of rehabilitation in recovery. She is the co-creator of the learning CDs Return to Life: Breast Cancer Recovery Using Pilates, Breast Cancer Recovery: On Land and In Water , and The Breast Cancer Recovery Exercise Program . Her writing has been featured in OT Advance, Women and Cancer , and IDEA Fitness Journal . Ann Marie Turo , OTR/L, a breast cancer survivor, is a certified occupational therapist and the owner of Integrated Mind Body, LLC in Boston, MA, USA. Turo is certified in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and Reiki and combines these approaches with traditional occupational therapy to help clients heal physically and spiritually. She is the co-author of Return to Life: Breast Cancer Recovery Using Pilates, and the Women onto Wellness program .


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