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  • Data Published: 05 February 2014
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Awaken.The lioness rises from her slumber, a magnificent image of strength, passion, and beauty. Her mere presencecommands the landscape, protects her young, and empowers the lion. In groups, lionesses become a creative and strategic force to be reckoned with, acting as one to change the world around them. You too are a lioness. In Lioness Arising, author and speaker Lisa Bevere offers the life and image of the lioness as a fierce and tender model for women. Revealing the surprising characteristics of this amazing creature, Lisa challenges women to discover fresh passion, prowess, and purpose. Learn what it means to: - be a stunning representation of strength- fiercely protect the young- lend your voice to the silenced- live in the light and hunt in the dark- raise a collective roar that changes everything Packed with remarkable insights from nature and a rich depth of biblical references to lionesses, Lioness Arising is a call for women to rise up in strength and numbers to change their world. Jesus is, after all, the lion of the Tribe of Judah. We are his lioness arising. From the Hardcover edition.

About Lisa Bevere

Lisa Bevere is an international speaker, bestselling author, and co-host of "The Messenger" television program, which broadcasts in over two hundred countries. Lisa and her husband, John Bevere, have four sons and live in Colorado. Find out more about Lisa at and


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