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  • Format Name: Clifford the Big Red Dog
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  • Publisher: Scholastic US
  • Data Published: 06 June 2003
  • ISBN: 0439405173
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  • File Size: 36MB
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 16 pages
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A new Clifford Phonics Program! The third of six boxed sets, each containing twelve books, will guide children through a carefully selected progression of letters and sounds.
This boxed set of 12 books shows Clifford, friends, and family in various adventures that reinforce Clifford's values of caring, sharing, and being together. Each book points out the letters and sounds being focused upon, along with "words to learn" and "words to sound out." Look for Scholastic's own reading experts excerpted on the box!

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    11 July 2016

    My five year old read the book with her class this past school year and has been filled to the brim with excitement over the idea of seeing what's become her favorite story played out on the big screen! Now that Lil J has given it the thumbs up, we'll definitely be seeing it soon ????

    13 May 2016

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      01 June 2016

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      02 May 2016

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    5 July 2016

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