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  • Data Published: 01 December 2011
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PMS is an unpredictable condition which can affect you at any age from puberty all the way up to menopause. The NHS states that every woman, at some point in her life, is likely to experience PMS. Some women will experience very mild symptoms that simply act as a warning sign that her period is on its way but other women experience such extreme and debilitating symptoms that their quality of life is severely disrupted and their personal relationships are greatly affected. This book explains that PMS is simply your bodys way of letting you know that your hormones are out of balance. Author and Nutritional Therapist Susie Perry Debice explains how contributory factors such as poor diet, lack of exercise, too much stress and being overweight can all disrupt the delicate workings of your menstrual cycle. Susie provides plenty of practical advice designed to help you get your hormones back into balance so you are able to live your life free from the physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms of PMS, this book will help you to take back control.

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