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  • Data Published: 01 September 2005
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Following the success of "Dancing with Horses" and "What Horses Reveal", Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling returns with this eagerly awaited new programme in a 50 minute DVD. Join other equestrians at a one-day clinic in Switzerland and see how you can learn to speak a language familiar to your horse with your hands, hips and posture. Then watch as three unmanageable stallions undergo a dramatic transformation when Hempfling approaches them in a gentle, honest, fearless manner. You will see how this unique method of horse training, using physical expression, positive energy, and genuine emotion, can help you approach relationships with your horses in a way that promotes mutual understanding, respect and trust.

About Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, trained in communications with a background in theatre and dance, has shaken up the horse world with his thought-provoking theories. His training methods have been demonstrated to thousands at his clinics, and Dancing with Horses, his first book, has been an overwhelming success.


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