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MimoPowerTube2 is the latest addition to the pop-culture-infused portable backup battery charger family. Features include a power button, four level LED light charge level indicator, 1A output, and a high-quality finish. No more Jedi mind tricks needed to figure out how much charge you have left! With a 2600mAh rechargeable battery the MimoPowerTube2 is compatible with iPhone, Android, tablets, and other 5V devices. The StarWars x MimoPowerTube2 comes in multiple fan favorite designs from across the galaxy. Each charger comes complete with a MicroUSB cable, Apple Lightning adapter, and carrying pouch to keep all your pieces in one place no matter how many parsecs you have to go!

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      Just finished this in 2 days!! Crazy 360 pages and I loved every second of it. I am now waiting patiently for more ????Ps Graceling is my favorite book, so thankyou for satisfying my needs for adventure and magic!!

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