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  • Data Published: 21 February 2015
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In 1954, Josette is nineteen, and her life's path has reached a fork. Behind her trails a road paved with her own illegitimate birth, an unloving and abusive family, and the horrors of Nazi-occupied France. The two roads before her both harbor the unknown, but she chooses the one that ensures her survival. She leaves home for the strange and wonderful land of America. She has no education, no money, and no connections, but she's armed with the power of hope for a better life and the resolve to never use her dark past as an excuse for failure. Determined to succeed, she dives into the workforce and learns as much as possible about everything she encounters, strives to be the best she can be, and vows to overcome any obstacle thrown in her way. "Bought and Paid For" is the result of author Jo Thompson's search for her own identity. In conducting that search, she provides us the same opportunity to find ourselves. Whether or not we share her abusive background and wartime experiences, the journey itself uncovers a spark of hope that lives beyond the page and into each of our lives.

About Jo Thompson

Jo Thompson was born into a broken and abusive situation, spent her formative years surviving Nazi-occupied Europe, and eventually left the continent in pursuit of an American way of life. She married a naval officer, had children, and spent two decades enjoying a transient life across Europe and the Pacific. After settling down in Florida, she began to work and eventually support her husband during his long struggle with cancer and dementia. His passing caused a deep depression that eventually became the impetus for Thompson's writing her autobiography, "Bought and Paid For," in which she explores her loneliness, abusive childhood, and unyielding commitment to never giving up hope.


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    Hello!What fonts would you recommend for a children's book?Thank you.

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    In my school in my department we use the PDF versions of the texts provided by the publishers of our texts with our students with their laptops and iPads. I think the big benefit of the iPad is the weight Р one text = 750g one iPad = 750g. However on the iPad I can put ALL my texts. The other is battery life.

      13 March 2016

      However, this does require you to use a Google Doc (which is very similar to Microsoft Word).

      5 August 2016

      Practical Data Science with R

    8 January 2016

    do add me to the list.


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