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  • Data Published: 03 February 2012
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As unemployment becomes an issue on every graduate's and career changer's mind, apprenticeships are becoming the most legitimate and popular routes into work. But how do you choose the apprenticeship that's right for you? And for parents, how do you support and guide your child into the best possible career path? Apprenticeships uses friendly and jargon-free language to answer all of those questions and more. Based on real life experiences and insider knowledge it dispels common misconceptions, helps you assess all the alternatives, provides self assessment questionnaires and practical guidance on the application process. For both school leavers and adult learners, this is the only resource you'll need to make an informed decision. With information on funding, your rights, developing skills as well as information on key national and regional learning providers, Apprenticeships will give you the confidence and knowledge to pursue your chosen career and compete with other candidates.

About Dr. Catherine Dawson

Catherine Dawson has worked in the education sector for twenty-five years, as a researcher, tutor and trainer. An accomplished author, she has written many successful books including Learn While You Earn and The Essential Guide to Paying for University (published by Kogan Page). You can visit her website:


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