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  • Publisher: Headline Book Publishing
  • Data Published: 03 December 2015
  • ISBN: 1472202562
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Published In: United Kingdom, 03 December 2015
HEART AND HOME is a poignant saga o pages
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    Published In: United Kingdom, 03 December 2015
    HEART AND HOME is a poignant saga o">


    HEART AND HOME is a poignant saga of shop girls in 1930s Liverpool from Lyn Andrews, the Sunday Times bestselling author of FROM LIVERPOOL WITH LOVE and THE HOUSE ON LONELY STREET. Not to be missed by readers of Dilly Court and Katie Flynn. Cathie Kinrade is all too used to hardship. Growing up on the Isle of Man in the 1930s, she sees her da set sail daily on dangerous seas while her mam struggles to put food on the table. Cathie has little hope for her own future, until a chance encounter changes her fortunes for ever. Fiercely determined, Cathie leaves for Liverpool, a bustling modern city full of possibility. With a lively job as a shop girl in a grand department store, and a firm friend in kind-hearted Julia, Cathie has found her niche. But the discovery of an explosive secret could put everything at risk. And when love comes calling, Cathie's new friends fear that she may be set to trust the wrong man with her heart...

    About Lyn Andrews

    Lyn Andrews was born in Liverpool in 1944- her father Joseph was killed on D-Day just nine months later. Lyn was brought up in Liverpool and became a secretary before she married and gave birth to triplets. Once the children had gone to school Lyn began writing, and her first novel was quickly accepted for publication. She has since written over thirty books, many of them Sunday Times bestsellers. Lyn lives on the Isle of Man, but spends many weeks of the year back on Merseyside, seeing her children and grandchildren. www.lynandrewsbooks.co.uk www.facebook.com/LynAndrewsBooks Twitter: @LynSagaAuthor


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