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  • Data Published: 13 April 2011
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Meet Aaron O'Riley a young, rebellious man working at the Ktisis Corporation (Ktisis is Greek for Creation). The Ktisis Corporation is the size of a modern day hockey arena such as The Pepsi Center in Denver, CO where the Colorado Avalanche play hockey. Inside, where the hockey ice might be, is a giant glass fish aquarium, except this aquarium is filled with space not water. Within the space, billions of miniaturized universes and galaxies are created and the aquarium is dubbed 'The Arena'. The Arena is created to understand the orgins of life and the natural evolution of man. The question is can they spark life without creation? The first 'Arena' that is built, explodes while Aaron is inside and he is severely wounded. Many of Aaron's co-workers are injured and several are killed. Aaron wonders where God is and is angry with God for allowing it to happen. In the explosion Aaron loses a close friend named Bryan. While Aaron is recovering from his injuries, and many surgeries, a man named Mark and his family minister to Aaron trying to show him the love of God. Mark has 3 young daughters and they play a big roll in Aaron's life. A second aquarium is built and Aaron returns to work as a Time Interpretion Administrator. Mark and Aaron work with a man named Chan, who is looking for God and the meaning of life. Mark explains the basics of Orthodox Chrisitianity, in laymens terms, to Chan. Aaron explains his compelling reasons for believing in the Savior although, Aaron is a struggling Christian. Thomas, an employee of the Ktisis Corporation develops a way to teleport items into the Arena and have them arrive anatomically correct. Will Thomas supersede the evolutionary process?

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