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  • Format Name: Dangerous Encounter
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  • Publisher: Gold Eagle
  • Data Published: 2016-11-23T17
  • ISBN: 0373642997
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  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 224 pages
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Dead End A shoot-out at London's Heathrow Airport finds Mack Bolan on a trail of blood that leads him to the heart of Soho and a turf war brewing among the city's most dangerous elements. With the Triads, Mafia, local mobs and vice racketeers all ruthlessly determined to control everything from drugs and guns to human flesh, the streets are becoming a minefield of violence, greed and depravity. Bolan usually works best solo -- but this time he needs to the help of a couple of locals, armed and ready to help him crack open a white-slavery and drug-smuggling operation. Going up against London's toughest criminals, Bolan blitzes on, determined to exact justice from those who profit in human misery: death by the hand of the Executioner.

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