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  • Publisher: Harper
  • Data Published: 05 November 2007
  • ISBN: 0007192134
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  • Number of Pages: 496 pages
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Another haunting psychological thriller from Carla Banks, as the trade in people trafficking impacts on three disparate lives with shocking consequences. Roisin Massey is a stranger in a strange land. An impulsive marriage has brought this young British lecturer to the forbidding city of Riyadh. Thankfully, she has the best guide possible: her new husband, Joe. Joe knows Saudi well - he's worked there as a doctor for years. But Roisin discovers her husband is keeping secrets from her about his time in the Desert Kingdom. Such as the drug thefts from his hospital. The friend he saw beheaded. The woman who fell to her death...Soon the ghosts from Joe's past come back to haunt them both - and murder follows in their wake...

About Danuta Reah

Carla Banks grew up in a scholarly family. Her father, an eastern-European cavalry officer, came to the UK as a wartime refugee where he met and married her half-Irish mother. He told his children stories of his childhood in a country that had been destroyed by the war. Carla Banks has been an academic for most of her working life and is fascinated by the power of language. She lives in the north of England and now writes full time.


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