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  • Data Published: 01 November 2014
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A stunning visual record of our most spectacular and scenic country estates that were broken up for sale and lost for ever. A sweeping country estate, with grand house and spectacular gardens and park, would not be the first impression of a visitor to modern suburban Watford. But well into the twentieth century that was exactly what was there the magnificence of the Cassiobury estate, of which only a modest municipal park survives. Underneath the expanse of Rutland Water lies the once splendid Normanton estate, while Deepdene in Surrey is now memorialised only by an ugly office block. Fortunately, at least photographs live on to remind us of how our landscape looked before death duties, mining subsidence and sometimes the plain impecuniousness of the black sheep in the family took their toll and forced the break-up of all too many historic landed estates. In this elegiac book, a successor to Aurum s Lost Victorian Britain, John Robinson surveys 20 of the most egregious losses, from Costessy in East Anglia to Lathom in Lancashire, and shows how the deer park, the home farm, the parterre and the cottage garden gave way to the power station, the motorway and the caravan park."

About John Robinson

Dr. John Martin Robinson is an historian and author whose many works include studies of the Wyatts and the architecture of recent country houses. Among his most recent books is The Regency Country House, published by Aurum. He serves as Maltravers Herald Extraordinary, one of Her Majesty's Officers of Arms, and is Librarian to the Duke of Norfolk.


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    There is still the issue of having a sense of where you are relative to where you have been and still have to go, but this was somewhat solved long ago for CD-ROM book navigation: have a navigation cue visible at all times. Most e-readers force you to explicitly call this "where am I in the book" onto the screen. A beautifully designed but subtle way-finding cue was on the screen at all times (enough to give you a consistent sense of place *without distracting from the book*) would go a long way.

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